Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two articles in one day! My goodness!!!

That's right. I cranked out another article!
I tried to make a bunch of empty Hubs with topics I wanted to write on so I could easily just sit down and jot some stuff down.
Got going and then I came out with another article for the Hub Challenge!
I might be in the running still, if I can keep this kind of pace up!

Anyway here is the next Hub #9!
All about Japanese Hot Springs or 'Onsen' -- An Etiquette Guide

Hub Challenge Article #8

Been away a few days, very busy at work; sorry for the lack of update.
I've made my 8th article for the HubChallenge, but we're at the halfway point.
I'm not feeling it anymore, I may not be able to complete the challenge.

I want to provide more quality work and I am too busy with work and my quest for a 6-pack.

Anyway, here is my latest; might be a touchy topic but let's see how it goes.
Japan's rising murder trend, a foreigner's analysis

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day #10 - 3 Behind Oh boy!

Here is my 7th article but on day 10! Crap!!!!! Gotta catch up....I'm not sure if I can do it anymore, but at least I'll give it a try!!!
If anything I'll just rewrite my picture to say 30 Hubs in 30 + or - 2 days. =)
Japanese Obon, 'Festival of the Dead'

Friday, July 31, 2009

Git Along Lil HubNugget - I was Nominated!!!

Hi Everyone!
Guess what, I was nominated in the HubNuggest competition again!
This time I'm going to try to promote a little better.
Please head on over and cast a vote (for me, of course ;p) !!
This time is a little easier, I was nominated two weeks ago but there was a darn Undercover-Lawyer who stole the show!!!
Honestly though, his work was great but this time around he is missing! So it's time to steal the show!!! =)
Cast your vote and let the best hubber win!

Click here to vote for Richard's Hub on Apartment Costs in Japan!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

HubChallenge Day...Uhh....What day is today again!?

Ah I forgot what day of the HubChallenge I'm on...I think maybe Day 7.
Regardless, I have attempted to push my enevelope quite a bit by following the flagship hub guideline.
1500+ Words
5 Pictures
3 Videos
10 Links w/ Descriptions

Quite a challenge, but I learned a lot doing it.
My chosen topic; Funeral Rites in Japan. How did I come up with that?!
Well Obon is coming up and I started to write about that but realized that death itself was a huge topic so I aught to cover it.
So I did!
And here it is:
Japanese Funeral Rites, a descriptive guide to

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fell behind?! Naaaah, just saving my strength.

So yesterday I was VERY busy at work. There was no time after work either to write.
I was not interested in writing, in fact, I had a tough time trying to conform to the HubMob this week which is Men's Health.
Just not interested in balding, cancer and depressing topics.
I thought about writing on fashion and other topics of health such as mental and physical health, but it seems more appropriate for their own categories not in Men's Health.
So today I decided to ditch the cross-promotion this week and stick with my own group fill-out strategy.

What is the group-fill out strategy?
I reassigned all my hubs to categories and found which ones were weak and needed filling out, Good for cross promotion I thought. =)
And it's true, I was able to talk about Cool Biz (my previous hub) in this one. Good enough for me.

Hope you enjoy this one: Undershirts to Prevent Sweat Stains in Summer!?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hub Challenge Day #4 - Cool Biz

So, today is day #4 of the challenge. Luckily I had planned to keep 1 a day pace since I joined Hub Pages on July 6th so I am not feeling so much pressure to get this challenge completed. Luckily...

Today was a bit difficult to find a write-able topic but as I posted on the HubChallenge Forums I recategorized all my hubs and found areas I could add and improve upon. Today I chose to improve my clothing section by writing about Cool Biz (though this can cross over into Culture and Business! Damn).

Take a look and enjoy!
Doing Business in Japan during Summer, Cool Biz