Thursday, August 6, 2009

Two articles in one day! My goodness!!!

That's right. I cranked out another article!
I tried to make a bunch of empty Hubs with topics I wanted to write on so I could easily just sit down and jot some stuff down.
Got going and then I came out with another article for the Hub Challenge!
I might be in the running still, if I can keep this kind of pace up!

Anyway here is the next Hub #9!
All about Japanese Hot Springs or 'Onsen' -- An Etiquette Guide

Hub Challenge Article #8

Been away a few days, very busy at work; sorry for the lack of update.
I've made my 8th article for the HubChallenge, but we're at the halfway point.
I'm not feeling it anymore, I may not be able to complete the challenge.

I want to provide more quality work and I am too busy with work and my quest for a 6-pack.

Anyway, here is my latest; might be a touchy topic but let's see how it goes.
Japan's rising murder trend, a foreigner's analysis

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day #10 - 3 Behind Oh boy!

Here is my 7th article but on day 10! Crap!!!!! Gotta catch up....I'm not sure if I can do it anymore, but at least I'll give it a try!!!
If anything I'll just rewrite my picture to say 30 Hubs in 30 + or - 2 days. =)
Japanese Obon, 'Festival of the Dead'