Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fell behind?! Naaaah, just saving my strength.

So yesterday I was VERY busy at work. There was no time after work either to write.
I was not interested in writing, in fact, I had a tough time trying to conform to the HubMob this week which is Men's Health.
Just not interested in balding, cancer and depressing topics.
I thought about writing on fashion and other topics of health such as mental and physical health, but it seems more appropriate for their own categories not in Men's Health.
So today I decided to ditch the cross-promotion this week and stick with my own group fill-out strategy.

What is the group-fill out strategy?
I reassigned all my hubs to categories and found which ones were weak and needed filling out, Good for cross promotion I thought. =)
And it's true, I was able to talk about Cool Biz (my previous hub) in this one. Good enough for me.

Hope you enjoy this one: Undershirts to Prevent Sweat Stains in Summer!?

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